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OUR STORY Angela was working at Girl Scouts when one of her friends gave her a lead to do a Girl Scout program at a church festival. She told Angela to contact the Youth Pastor, Reginald Baldwin, for more info. She did and they worked out the partnership between Girl Scouts and the church's youth festival, which was held in Summer 2007. In January 2008, Angela had just completed one of her major Girl Scout events when Reggie called to ask her about Girl Scouts partnering with the church for their next youth festival. Angela, excited about the event that she'd just completed, rattled off the event details, but also shared that she would be happy to participate in the church's event once again. Reggie called Angela back later that evening, and asked her, "What else do you do?" Angela told him about her various God-given gifts and talents; and how she tried to use them. Reggie then shared that he wrote plays (and had been writing plays for close to 10 years for his church) and wanted her to read one. A few days later, they met at a Subway Restaurant and she read the play, Fallen From Grace. She was thoroughly impressed. That day, they decided to move forward together and put this play out there under their new company name, H.O.P.E. Productions. H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Other People Excel. They auditioned cast, rehearsed and debuted their first play, under H.O.P.E. Productions, for Mother's Day weekend in May 2008. Though there were many challenges, Reggie and Angela  became best friends, and 6 months after the first performance, they married. They began writing plays together in hopes of reaching the masses outside the four walls of the church. They've seen souls saved, marriages changed and families reunited. To God be the glory! Sixteen years later, they are still writing, directing and producing plays with a positive message in hopes of encouraging others. Angela says, "It's all God. We only want to do our part in the process based on the vision that He has given to us. We thank everyone who has consistently supported us." Ps 115:14 January 2008 - present

Celebrity Signing Items for Fans
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Male Model
Asja and Jordyn, Reality Check Remix
Lesley and Tangela, Reality Check
Angela w/Wanda, our first walk-on actress
News Sun covered HOPE Productions
Original HOPE logo, retired after 16 years
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