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Dear Beloved Supporters,

We have a vision that extends beyond the horizons of Lake County, IL. In 2024, H.O.P.E. Productions yearns to take their positive message of Reality Check, on the road, bringing this play to audiences in new cities, to include, but not limited to Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee in 2024. They want the audiences to experience the empowering messages they create. But, for this journey to unfold, they need your support.

Your contribution will help H.O.P.E. Productions travel to new cities, spreading joy, inspiration, and the uplifting power of their inspirational gospel stage plays. Your support is not just an investment in theater; it's an investment in the transformative impact of their God-given, life-changing stories. We want to emphasize that our goal amount is not the full amount of the entire tour. Instead, we are seeking support, a seed if you will, to help us get started. We also wanted to make it accessible for everyone who wants to contribute. Your generosity, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to reaching our goal. Ultimately, we want to go to new areas, and plant seeds of hope, love and faith, while building the kingdom of God.

With gratitude and anticipation,

Reginald and Angela Baldwin

Support HOPE

Unlocking Hearts: Bringing Hope through H.O.P.E. Productions 

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